Why Choose Steam Cleaner

A good steam cleaner makes life easier for homeowners, cleaning businesses, and those responsible for maintaining hygiene in commercial areas.

Steam Applications

There are a multitude of applications for cleaning and sanitizing using vapor steam. Due to the fact that it is safe, environmentally friendly and powerful it is an ideal alternative to traditional cleaning methods. The Car Member Steamer is currently being used successfully in a number of different applications including mobile car washes, commercial cleaning, winery sanitization — even bed bug removal.

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Top Manufacturer of Commercial & Industrial Steamers

Car Member International Group is an industry-leading supplier of commercial and industrial cleaning products, specializing in vapor steam machines for mobile or in-house applications.

We operate a lean company with a global reach, making an environmentally-positive impact on local communities and around the world. Our mission is to provide our customers with eco-friendly, cost-effective cleaning solutions, providing cleaning solutions with no chemicals and no hassles.

Our products range from the full line of Car Member Steamers‑hands-down the industry leader of steam vapor machines‑to hot water extractors, microfiber towels and a full offering of accessories developed for broad cleaning solutions and unique industrial applications.  Read More >>

Why Choose Car Member Steamer

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