The three major reasons for choosing a steam cleaner to wash a car

The difference between steam cleaner and ordinary car washing is that steam cleaner uses hot water at high temperature to dissolve some stubborn stains through high temperature, thus making it easier for us to clean up. And the steam cleaner can also sterilize, which is the effect that ordinary car washing can not achieve.

More water – saving
steam cleaner is the “high temperature atomization car washing” effect ,achieved by steam cleaner by heating water through steam generating device. Equivalent to turning a drop of water into a high-temperature atomization state and spraying it out through specially designed barrel, the cleaning effect is faster.

Generally speaking, ordinary car washing wants to wash the interior and wash the appearance separately, because most of the interior can’t be washed with water. Wash the appearance and may be too dirty to repeat the wash once or twice to wash clean. But the steam cleaner because has the dry and wet adjustment function, may direct appearance interior decoration one-time cleaning, therefore the steam cleaner may say to save more time.