City cleaning a good helper — steam cleaner

“Urban psoriasis” is a phenomenon that people describe in cities, stations, streets, toilets, communities and other public places such as illegal Posting or writing small advertisements. In most cases, these advertisements are illegal, involving illegal business activities such as false certificates and illegal medical practices. Moreover, they are large in number and difficult to remove. They have a great negative impact on the appearance and sanitation of a city and seriously affect the construction of its spiritual civilization,but steam cleaner will help to solve this problem.

In many cities, there are cleaners who use tools such as paints, brushes, spatulas, and watering cans to clean up these stubborn “psoriasis”, which is time consuming, labor intensive, and inefficient.

Until the steam cleaner is used, the steam can do disinfected and decontaminated, and it has a unique thermal decomposition function, which can quickly dissolve the sticky properties of the sediment and the stain, and let it off the surface of the attached object.

Because steam cleaner has strong thermal degradation physical properties, when it is sprayed on the surface of the object, at the same time of thermal degradation, the low-temperature steam pressure shock wave from the steam is equal to the speed of 90-100 km at the speed of the vehicle, so that the surface is contaminated. The object is swept away before it is wiped.
Cleaning the “psoriasis” with a steam cleaner is fast and efficient.

Don’t need complicated, don’t need foam, don’t worry about sewage treatment, car member steam cleaner helps you perfect the car body without dead angle wash!