4 effective functions for Steam cleaner

There are 4 effective functions to do the detailing,Steam cleaner is a new way for car washing,this makes the car cleaning more completely and reach new heights in the car cleaning industry.

High temperature cleaning

Steam cleaner can Instantly decompose the gum on the surface of the car body, shellac, asphalt, cement, oil stains and so on.

Diversification of cleaning types

Car Body, wheel, engine, interior, air conditioning, skylight cleaning.

Deep cleaning

The structure of the steam molecule is small, and the place with gaps can also penetrate.Steam cleaner is very helpful to do deep cleaning.

Special effect deodorization

 Steam cleaner is able to remove internal sweat, smoke, odor, musty and air conditioning odor.Car detailing Steam cleaner is becoming more and more popular, because the all-round cleaning is the symbol of the new era.

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