Electric Powered Steam Generator

Water tank capacity : 25L
Rated current : 10A
Rated evaporation : 8kg/h
Steam temperature : 151℃
Warranty : 12 months
Pressure : 7Bar, 102 psi
Size : 600*400*820MM
Voltage : 220V
Functions : Steam generating

This steam generator is a perfect source of low pressure steam for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. This unit can be used in place of a conventional boiler.


ASteamer offers a wide range of standard steam generator that can be customized to meet your needs. If your requirements can’t be met with one of our standard solutions, we can build custom steam generators or mini-boilers to meet your specification.

ASteamer has provided companies around the world with safe, efficient, easy-to-use electric steam generators for a very wide range of custom applications.

Advantages of Steam Generator:

1. Non boiler technology is safer with no explosions, cracks or leaks from a boiler steamer;

2. Almost instant steam, 1~2 minute heating time. While boiler steam need about 7 minutes;

3. Energy savings. More steam per watt is produced than in a boiler steamer and no wasted energy heating water and steam that may not be used.

4. Stronger, steadier steam pressure than a boiler steamer. The boiler steamer are likely to explode if increase the steam pressure.

Have been verified onsite by world-leading inspection company,  SGS Group!
Power 6KWRated evaporation8KG/H
Pressure7BarMax temperature151°C
Voltage220VRated current10A
Water tank25LWater pump power550W
Size (mm*mm*mm)600*400*820


Steam Generator

Steam Generator


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