Elimination of mite and odors

Hotels, resorts & conference centers

Hotel accommodations, residences, health resorts and all types of small and large tourism facilities have particular needs concerning sanitizing and hygiene. Due to the frequency of check in and check out, as well as room service; the cleaning staff is required to be fast and efficient. They must also reduce risks of chemical disinfectants and detergents and guarantee a fresh, clean atmosphere. This is the strength of saturated dry steam cleaning products.

Car Member steamers are more than able to offer an efficient service against allergies and acari problems and they have no equal in cleaning carpets, textiles, armchairs and the deep cleaning required for return air vents.

application examples

  • sanitizing of tiles and majolica
  • cleaning of parquet and wood strips
  • removal of stains and odors from pile carpets, coverings and seats
  • removal of rubber from coverings and floors
  • sanitizing of bathrooms
  • polishing of chromed pipes and surfaces
  • cleaning of lifts, ventilation ducts, windows, mirrors, parquet
  • cleaning and disinfecting of food processing areas