Mobile Electric Steamer C600-380V

Model : C600
Weight : 63KG
Water tank capacity : 18L
Power : 12KW
Water consumption : 26L/H
Steam temperature : 170℃
Warranty : 12 months
Pressure : 8Bar,120 psi
Size : 920*440*7800MM
Voltage : 380V AC 3 Phases
Functions : Steam washing; Humidity adjustment

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1.Guarantee replacement within 60days
2.One year warranty
3.Repair for all time
This steamer can be updated to super steam car wash machine with higher dryness for car washing.


Steam Wash Car with C600

The best detailing way for car painting!
The most widely used cleaning method!
The most environmental friendly washing apporach!

This steamer available in 3 models:

1, Steamer with Double Guns C600-380V


2, Steamer with Single Gun C600-380V


3, Steamer with Double Gun C600-380V (Super Steam)


The gentle steam won’t damage car painting and can do efficient deodorizing and effectively eliminate the lether smell in car.
What’s more, the high-temperature steam docomposes the oil stains effectually.
In particular, model C700 combines vacuuming and steam washing, making it as a good cleaner for household applications.

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steam jet car wash parameter

Power: 6000w

Flow(L/H): 13L/H

Volt/Freq. 220V-50Hz
Power(W) 6000
Rated pressure(Bar) 8
Maximum pressure(Bar) 150
Capacity(L) 18
N.W.(Kg) 68
Product Size(cm) 92* 44* 78
Carton Measurement(cm)  



Accessories & Parts Information:

Steam wash machine x1

2m power line

Steam Gun x1

10m Steam Hose x1

Brush x2

Towel x1

Protecting glove x1

Washing glove x2

Product Advantage:

1. Uninterrupted operating for 24 hours
2. Uperization (high temperature disinfection cleaning)
3. Steam humidity regulating
4. Automatic water supply system
5. Automatically alarms and stops running when lack of water
6. Leakage protection switch
7. No power consumption in a dormant state
8. Automatically closes the power when full of steam, and automatically starts when lack of steam

Here is product display from different angles of photograph.

steamer details

steamer details

Detail introduction gives a complete recognition of steam washer, the name of each part, the size and the package.

steamer c600

Steam guns and steam hose, towel and gloves, make washing efficient and easy to operate.

steamer c600

The steam wash machine can do auto surface washing, interior cleaning, motor and air-conditioning vents cleaning. Besides, it can be a household cleaning machine, like cleaning oil smoke on the windows in kitchen. Moreover, it can be applied in industrial sectors.