Car Member™ is the undisputed, world's top-ranked brand of steamers. We offer the world's top-ranked brand of commercial, industrial, and vapor steam cleaners to a wide range of customers and industries in over 200 countries. Our product line consists of commercial, vapor, and industrial steam cleaners and has versatile functionalities as they are able to clean carpets and hardwood surfaces.

How to Buy the Right Steamer for Cleaning?

There are plenty of ways to select the right commercial steam cleaner equipment. Since the brand is important, you should look for a machine designed for cleaning commercial areas. The best-rated commercial steam cleaners for commercial cleaning applications feature higher pressure levels and higher temperatures than regular steam cleaning machines. For example, some top commercial steam cleaning machines feature temperatures as high as 369°F.

Advanced commercial steam cleaners have another unique feature. They feature stainless steel boilers, which are more durable and corrosion resistant, compared to ordinary aluminum boilers. They also come with a lifetime warranty. There are additional features, such as bacteria elimination, which enables elimination of as much as 99.99% bacteria. Some of these multi-use commercial steam cleaners have vacuuming feature in addition to HEPA filter, which helps remove pollen, dust mites, and other allergens from indoor areas. Another important feature is the accessories, including brushes, squeegees, steam lance, and other tools.

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