Steam for a sustainable wine

Clean and sanitize steel tanks, oak and casks barrels & mono-blocks

Steel surfaces are cleaned in an optimal way and with less efforts thanks to the steam action. The inside of wine barrels is difficult to reach and clean. With an appropriate steam jet system it is possible to efficiently remove every kind of chemical agent's residues, bacteria and deposits. Steam sanitizes each slot covered by microbes and every kind of dirt that any other traditional cleaning method is able to reach and remove. At the end of the treatment surfaces are completely sanitized with any chemical agents deposits.

In addition to barrel cleaning, a wine factory has other areas and types of equipment that only steam is able to efficiently clean and sanitize. Among others, these include pipes, flanges and taps.

steam for a sustainable wine

application examples

  • barrique regeneration
  • removal of deposits
  • sanitizing of steel tanks
  • sanitizing of filters
  • cleaning of glass, sanitary fittings and floors
  • elimination of mould, bacteria and parasites
  • leaving a neutral ph on treated surfaces
  • cleaning of decantation pipes, fittings, machines, polished chromed surfaces

Thorough Sanitation via Dry Steam

The Car Member Steamer is ideal for the wine industry, making cleaning operations throughout the facility simple and more effective.

True dry steam is vapor, which travels much faster than liquid water and can reach deep into harborage areas and the wood pores of barrels. This allows for thorough sanitation, killing Brett, Zygo and tartrates as well as countless other micro-organisms.

Car Member-Steamer-cleaning-wine-barrels

Eco-friendly Maintenance

Steam generation takes less time than heating a volume of water because it uses a fraction of the amount. As a result, steam can clean areas much faster than water. Steam at a constant high temperature is proven to eliminate yeast and bacteria from various surfaces using little amount of water and no chemicals. Using steam is also a great way to clean any nooks and crannies around winery and tasting room facilities.

car member steamers

Top-to-Bottom Solutions

The Car Member Steamer is ready for all-day use in minutes, which means saving on time and energy costs.

Heat from consistent dry steam can kill almost anything on contact. Steam at the molecular size of H2O can even penetrate deeper than hot water or chemicals into wooden barrels, which results in much better efficacy on spoilage yeast genera such as Brettanomyces and Zygosaccharomyces as well as food-related bacteria such as E-coli, Listeria and Salmonella. Vapor-steam can easily access and sanitize kegs and the variety of other machinery around your facility.


Cleaning Applications

  • Clean and sanitize barrels, tanks and bottles
  • Remove bacteria, yeast, molds and fungi
  • Clean and sanitize conveyor belts, processing machineries and equipment
  • Use with CIP, SIP, COP and SOP systems
  • Clean around facilities (floors, grout, windows, tasting areas) without overspray


  • Reduced water and chemical consumption
  • No waste water runoff or overspray
  • Chemical-free sanitation
  • Increased sanitation (penetrates through wood)
  • Save time and effort
  • Deodorize and sterilize surfaces
  • Clean hard to reach nooks and crannies